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Construction / Development

The construction crew has international and local experience which inspires us to aim for the highest standards while also understanding the local environment and what a building needs in order to withstand many years on this Caribbean coast.

Quotes / Prices

If you are looking for a quote, contact our office and we’ll be pleased to discuss your project. We quote in Mexican Pesos, the local currency, and reflect what we believe are fair prices for all of those involved in bringing a project to life. Please note quoting a project requires us to have a working understanding of your goals and requires time for completion.

As a multidisciplinary team, we have the specific tools for a wide range of projects. We will start with getting to know your construction goals, we’ll work closely with you to achieve your ideal design and development plan, our construction crew will bring your project to life and finally, we can manage your property so it produces income.


Because each of these steps is a project in itself, we tailor our services to each client.

Architecture / Design /Planning / Feasibility

Our architects take these factors and many more into consideration when creating new spaces and will work with you relentlessly until we achieve your ideal design.


The least glamorous, yet most important part of our work is the creation and re-use of buildings. As a team, we’ll stand by our construction process from negotiating permits, laying foundations, lifting walls, electrical and plumbing installation, through achieving polished finishes and everything in between.


Before taking on a real estate or construction project, we can provide advice based on market analysis, feasibility studies and local industry knowledge to make sure your development plan matches your expected goals.


We put a tremendous level of creativity, technique and thought into each design. Each property, or habitat, has its own personality with unique elevation, soil, tree coverage, airflow, location and neighbors.

Property  Management

Inviting guests to enjoy your property is rewarding and can be profitable as well. The Habitat team believes that a well-managed vacation home should pay for itself and remain available and ready for use when you want to visit. We take great care in providing a positive experience for homeowners and guests alike and continuously analyze the performance of properties within the greater context of the local market to suggest adjustments where we see room for improvement.


With several years of property management experience and an extensive crew, we are well equipped to care for homes. We only manage homes built by Habitat Construction. As the builder, we are especially invested in being responsible for the success and longevity of our buildings, which we have created with great care.

General Inquiries:


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