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The Habitat Construccion team includes local and international community members of Tulum with professional experience in the fields of architecture, engineering, urban planning, design, construction management, business and real estate.

Our team members speak many languages, starting with Spanish, Mayan and English. During this important growth period for Tulum, Habitat Construcción aims to participate in this transformation, while holding onto the community values, environment al health and divers energy which define Tulum.

Architecture / Design / Planning / Feasibility / Marketing / Sales / Construction / Development

As a multidisciplinary team, we have the specific tools for a wide range of projects. Habitat is focused primarily on real estate development, where we proudly complete all work from start to finish in - house. We put a tremendous level of creativity, techni que and thought into each design. Each property, or habitat, has its own personality with unique elevation, soil, tree coverage, airflow, location and neighbors. Our developments consider market analysis, feasibility studies and local industry and cultural knowledge to ensure the spaces created are in - line with the long term vision we hope for the Tulum community.

At Habitat Construccion we stand by our work, from meeting permitting and legal requirements , laying foundations, lifting walls, electrical and plumbing installation, through achieving polished finishes, attention to detail with clients and everything in between. The construction crew has international and local experience which inspire us to aim for the highest standards while also understanding the local environment and what a building needs in order to withstand many years on this Caribbean coast.


If you are looking for a quote or interested in a collaboration opportunity, contact our office and we’ll be pleased to discuss your project. We quote in Mexican Pesos, the local currency, and reflect what we believe are fair prices for all of those involved in bringing a project to life. Some quotes require advanced payment to complete this service. Please note quoting a project requires us to have a working understanding of your goals and requires time for completion.

interested in owning or renting one of our properties?

We may have real estate available for purchase or rent. Contact us directly to learn the current availability of homes and other real estate we have proudly built in Tulum.

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